Ventura Starship Events

Ventura-I PreProduction:

5/26/12 to 6/1/12

Ventura-I Production:

6/1/12 to Present

Ventura-I PostProduction:


Ventura-I Launch:

Projected Launch Date TBA

For the record: The name of the ship was changed/revised to Ventura from Infinity. Ventura is the official new name, so some changes must be made.

The Ventura Starship is referenced in the Darwin12Videos "The Space Cruiser" series, although called Infinity.

Ventura is an upcoming project by Darwin12 [his first R.S.A launch-based-project] in-which he intends to launch a large starship into space to explore deep-space or to perform different experiments.

Ventura-1 is expected to be the only rocket in the Ventura Program at this point, but Darwin12 has "teased" that if the program is in high-demand and is liked among the R.S.A Community, that he would surely launch new Ventura Ships.

Ventura-I began preproduction on 5/27/12.

At this point, the only significant details from Darwin12 is that the Ventura-I Starship will be two floors and will include crew-cabins, a main-room (for entrance) and a navigation/piloting room.


Update #1: 6/9/12:

Joshuaw97 will now be involved in production, so we're getting closer, but since i've taken over RoAir, it's going to be less productive for awhile.

Yielded CancellationEdit

Due to matters of RoAir relations and the release of Space Cruiser v3.5 and Zeta; the Ventura Starship project was cancelled. Darwin12 claimed, "a hiatus would be unfair to people that expect it.. but will never see anything." and Darwin12 solely takes responsibility for the cancellation that occured on August 1, 2013.