Starstreak was one of RSA's new large rocket series by Nasalover64, as well as the first Martian Rocket series. It only had one mission completed. The program was canceled in the March 2013 regen.


PROGRAM NAME ORGIN: Nasalover64's Conversation with Many people.

FIRST LAUNCH: SS1 Astreaus, 1/14/12

LATEST LAUNCH: SS1 Astreaus 1/14/12 (Only Launch)

Starstreak I: ASTREUSEdit

CARGO: Vide/Aeriwin Telescope

Starstreak I Sucessful Launch

Starstreak I Sucessful Launch.wmv

Credit to nasalover64 himself for the footage.


The rocket.

NAME ORGIN: An astrological deity and the Titan-god of the dusk

DATE: January 14, 2012. [Around 1:00pm EST]

RESULT: Sucess, Many tries before deployment due to noobs and admin abuse.

SECURITY/CONTROL: Nasalover64,xnccb,KyleT Areiydenfan00 & AeriWin Creator Ppcb12345.

MISSION TYPE: Unmmaned rocket, Satelite Deployment MISSION DURATION: 10 Minutes


"Security had a hard time stopping noobs from tipping the rocket (it was a unstable design) and blocking the cameraman.

There was one user who was very stubborn and did not follow Nasa's rules at the launch area. His name was (fill in his name). He was banned affterwards.

The launch place contained a invinsible wall around the spectator area to keep noobs getting too close to the rocket".

LAUNCH TYPE: Vertical Takeoff

Future LaunchesEdit

SS2 AstronovaEdit

DATE: June 10th 2012 (Cancelled)

SECURITY: TBAC (To be announced/confirmed)

MISSION TYPE: Manned surface exploration.

MISSION DURATION: 30-45 minutes round trip.

SUMMARY: Starstreak will be RSA's first true taste of mars. it'll be like the martian apollo 11. someone's probably going to go neil armstrong on camera with "one small step" (Cancelled)

LAUNCH TYPE: Horizontal Takeoff

SS3 KindleEdit

CARGO: People Heading to Mars

NAME ORIGIN: Kindle means "to flicker to life", which is what the rocket engines do.

DATE: June 20th (Cancelled)


CREW : 4 MC, 8 Astronauts

MISSION DURATION: 50 Min-1:30 Hr, as this will be the first manned SS mission.

SUMMARY: Kindle will involve people in the second in the series of missions to the Martian Surface. (Cancelled)

Other Notes: Edit

The craft that will be used for SS2, Kindle, and all their successors has been redesigned. Darwin12 nicknamed this newship a Nasalover64-Starship, a misleading name as it is only interplanetary, later, Darwin12 called it Kindle-Interplantatary but it is referred to officially as an Astronova Transport . SS2, SS3, and all the Solar System (incorrect but still meaningful abbreviation) forays will be using this craft.

Starstreak's Future Launch Area (Cancelled)Edit

In the evening of 6/24/12, Darwin12 posted on the R.S.A Status post stating:

"R.S.A H2 is confirmed for preparation to become an official R.S.A Launch AND training area in late-summer 2012."

The program has since been cancelled.