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Stargazer and Sparrow docked at a random Starpost somewhere, while being tested.

Stargazer and Sparrow were ships being constructed for RSA by Space Age Tech, Inc., for universe exploration purposes.

Ship Stats:





Cobra Komodo


6 14

Mission Duration:Edit

5 IRL days, 3 ingame years Unknown

Departure Date:Edit

Expected 6-20-12 Late july/early august 2012


It has been confirmed that Sparrow's crew for her first excursion will begin to be picked and trained early on in June from veteran astronauts. The expected departure date has been set for June 20th. the mission will take place over several IRL days broken up into sections of an hour each. However, this never took place. Many due to the possibility of the server crashing.

Missions Statements:Edit

Space; the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship (Stargazer/Sparrow).

Her mission:

To explore strange new worlds,

To seek out new life and other civilizations;

To boldly go where no Robloxian has gone before.

(Star Trek theme plays in background lol).

Hopefully, at least some of you understood the Star Trek reference. If not i made it obvious for you.

It does a good job of summarizing their missions, their missions being to explore space and find people and worlds and stuff and kinda be like Star Trek, but different a little. It's not the easiest thing to explain.

These craft are reusable and only require tune-ups every 50 parsecs (that's pretty far), so expect more than 1 mission from each. The program was cancelled.