R.S.A HQ, or (R.S.A HQ Original) was the first HQ, that was developed by Darwin12 before DarGames was created.

It started as a press release room, right after the Ace-2 launch was finished. However, after many days of protest over the new HQ, considering there was no HQ at the time, Darwin12 confirmed he would open a new company to develop the HQ.

The company "Darwin12 Building Co." developed the entire game. Only one developer, just Darwin12, and one co-worker, Captevyo who only helped past v.1.

In March 2011, R.S.A HQ Original was retired.

Captevyo took possesion of the entire HQ, and is now locking it away for safety.

In January 2012, R.S.A had "R.S.A History Week".

This was the only other time that the HQ was in "uptime", confirming that it was public so that all could see it again.