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Dar, flight, and jacob posing in front of the fountain


Two weeks after R.S.A History Week. Darwin12 reported that Jacobthescientist, him and several other scripters, builders and developers were setting out on a new 4 to 6 month project

He confirmed later in a status post that he was working on a new HQ for R.S.A, yet it remained unknown.

People began drawing images in their head of what the next design for the HQ would become.

Most people already knew that it would most likely be named R.S.A H2, but didn't know if there would be an extension.

First UpdatesEdit

After a week, Jacobthescientist broke his silence when he uploaded the new HQ to the account "RSAH2".

The RSAH2 account had the game titled as RSAH2_DEV.

They assumed that wouldn't be the real name for the project, and soon after, heard Darwin telling people that he had named the entire project v3_RSAH2. Instead of it that way.

On his profile, it appears as "R.S.A H2 (v3) -(INDEV)-".

After PREDEV, Darwin12 released landmark 1, (v0.5 INDEV) to his account for that version.

24 minutes after the release of Landmark 1, (v0.5 INDEV) Darwin12 posted a post to the DarGames Blog, that he had confirmed that the full release title of the HQ would be called: R.S.A H3.

4 minutes later, the stocks on the "ROBLOX Stock Market" group, organized by Captevyo, but owned by Darwin12 jumped nearly 4 points.

Currently [when updated on 6/25/12] the Game was in 1.3, however Testing was in PreRelease 3 of 1.4 inDev.

Possible Other HQ ProjectEdit

Darwin12 has also announced another group project that is told to be another HQ for one of his groups- and people are questioning if it is a High Rank HQ for R.S.A High Ranks, or for another group.

You can read more status updates about R.S.A H2 (v3) by clicking here to visit the Dar-Games Blog.

Darwin12's Confirmation of R.S.A H2 Launch AreaEdit

On 6/23/12, Darwin12 Confirmed R.S.A H2 would be modified for a possible launch area to be put in for launches and training sessions.

Darwin12 labeled that at this point, Joshuaw97 and Nasalover64 were considering making StarStreak-3 launch from R.S.A H2 as part of a historical R.S.A Event.

So far, confirmation that StarStreak-3 will launch from R.S.A H2 is expected, but hasn't been confirmed.