R.S.A H2 (v2) was one of the most long-lasting HQs that R.S.A had, set aside the other one Darwin12 made.

Darwin12, after R.S.A H2 (v1) had failed, had stopped building creations on ROBLOX and had left ROBLOX temporarily.

He returned weeks later, and began working on a new unknown project.

He said it was a DarGames project, and again another solo one-person-project.

He confirmed he was making another HQ in an interview on R.S.A Cast, he was surrounded by the HQ several casts later in what later became the final version of the R.S.A H2 (v2).

The game was put to final version- far before it's original completion, considering the space to expand was no longer needed.

The project was cancelled, like the previous one.

It remained on Darwin12's profile, stationary for months.

After 2 months, Darwin12 announced it would be shut down during R.S.A History week, and would never come back online.

2 weeks after R.S.A History Week, Darwin12 announced another group project.