Project Vekst was a proposed R.S.A Project announced by Darwin12 for further confirmation.


On 10/18/13 at the hour of 12:56am Eastern Standard Time, R.S.A owner Darwin12 broke his silence of recent R.S.A projects after he made a shout that said:

"We will be accepting applications for new Trainees soon! R.S.A will launch two new projects & missions in these last months of 2013 into the first months of 2014. Details coming soon."

It was only minutes later when it was found that the old "TBA Ranks" that were left unused were finally occupied with two new ranks: Vekst Management and Vekst Crew which confirmed the new project name was named "Project Vekst."

However, that was changed, and the project was cancelled.

Plans / ConfirmationEdit

Project Vekst details were spoke of in a private interview with Darwin12 on November 12, 2013. He spoke that the project would be a base. More details would come at the AverateCON in December.

Sadly, the Project ended for unknown reasons.


- Project Vekst was expected to be a non-flight related project for R.S.A. Rumors claimed that it would have been a base or new headquarters for the group.

- Vekst roughly translates to "Growth" in Norwegian; one of the many languages used by Darwin12 in his games, projects and implementations with other media-related things.

-It was cancelled for unknown reasons.