BoD Nasalover64

Nasalover64's look as always.

Nasalover64 is a helpful ROBLOXian as a RSA Flight Director. He is known for the Founder of the Starstreak Rocket Program, a series of cruisers made to explore planets and launching satelites into orbit.

He is one of the most active RSA members, and one of the longest BoDs in RSA; having to see the Mass Joining of 2011, Plagarization of Tests and more.

Its a fact that he never changes his character's clothes, as this is his current look since the launch of Starstreak I Astreus The only time He changes his look is for Halloween.

On November 30th (please clarify), 2012, he was announced incharge of the Roll program of Space Shuttles. The first Roll under his supervision will be Roll-17.

Another major thing he encountered was when he got hacked possibly as part of the "deathtorsa" attack, as confirmed here .