The March Mass Regen was a major event in March 2013 that involved regenerating all group systems, kicking all inactive users and disabling VIP for RSA members at Aerideyn's Tests, as well as a new system allowing non-admin members to contribute rockets to the group.

The Unexpected HackingEdit

On March 31, RSA was deleted by the hacker of Darwin12 . Although no one is sure who did this, a "TBW" reportedly said he hacked Darwin12. 

It was found out the hacker was a 'revenge plan' enacted by Coxyoo with others.

Coxyoo's RevengeEdit

It was revealed throughout sources across ROBLOX airline groups and a video uploaded by Alex Berry aka yrreb, who was once a former RSA CM;

At one point, Darwin12 's password was accidentally leaked somehow to user Coxyoo, who pressured about 3 to 6 other people in the major airline industry(fact: Darwin12 used to be in the airline industry, however he left due to numerous reasons related to major airlines) 

It was said that people involved were Coxyoo and yrreb. The others are to be identified. Coxyoo framed yrreb for 'hacking', and ROBLOX terminated his account, which led to the uploading of the video mentioned earlier. 

Coxyoo then spread a controvorsial rumor across ROBLOX airlines asking everyone to inform ROBLOX to 'delete Darwin12's account for hacking yrreb'. People believed in the rumor, and Darwin12 was attacked by 'haters', however some people knew about Coxyoo's plan, and spoke up.           


On April 11th, 2013, Darwin12 confirmed that ROBLOX was nice enough to recover R.S.A for him and put it back in his posession. Since then, he has voiced very little about ideas and projects, but has stated that R.S.A will keep the course of it's 6 month roadmap. R.S.A Has since shut down.