Administrative BuildingsEdit


RSA HQ or RSA HQ Version 1 was the former laboratory and headquarters for RSA. It was based in a large white building. 


RSAH2 was the sucessor to the previous version of the headquarters. It was a space station, presumely orbiting Earth. The space station had facilities for observation, recreation and offices. Meteor showers often passed by the station.


RSAH3 suceeded the RSAH2 as the main headquarters for RSA in 2012. The RSAH3 was a corporate complex on-surface and underground. A warehouse, visitors' center and the Averate Campus were on gorund level, while Mission Control, Utility and the laboratory were underground. 

The present-day headquarters is unknown, as well as if RSAH3 is still to be the main headquarters for RSA.

Launch CentersEdit

Unnamed Space Center (Ride a Rocket Legacy and 2)Edit

A fenced 3-storey building with a launchpad, mission control and a small statue of Neil Armstrong. A monorail connects the building with the launch pad. Used only for the Ace Space Program.

Tests v3 (Ride a Rocket to the ISS and Moon / Ride a Rocket 3)Edit

A larger space center located in a U-shaped island with a runway, museum, mission control, a VAB and two launch pads. This place was popular with RSA and non-RSA alike, even being favorited by Shedletsky. This lead to it being plagarized by some users. 

Used only for the Titan Space Program and currently for the Roll Space Program.

Project JHSCEdit

A launch center and office under construction by RobloxGuy6403.