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The Darwin12 from 2009 and 2010.

Itsfutur (Formerly Darwin12) is the official R.S.A Founder, when he first incepted it in September 2010, he had originally planned to make it more of a roleplay group.

However this changed when Aerideyn gave Darwin12 the offer to help beta test his current games, at the time it was the first version of "Ride a Rocket to the Moon and Space Station".

Darwin12 (in April 2012) recieved his 100,000th profile viewer and 20,000th Place Visitor.

He was once 'hacked', but he recovered from it.

Shortly after the hacking he made R.S.A private making it very inactive. He is inactive because he is working on some music.

Group Events


the Darwin12 of early and mid 2012.

On 6/6/12, Darwin12 (now Itsfutur) was made the new CEO of RoAir, upon the leaving of Yrreb.

He then gave it back to Yrreb, and decided it should remain that way. Hewas Roair's Vice Ceo until its 2014 shut down.

Darwin enacted a March regen for RSA which involves exiling all inactives to pave the way to active events such as rockets built by volunteering engineers and more.

The system has since ended.


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