Havok 1

Never happened (Neither number 2)

Havok 2

(Never happened, only three and four)

Havok 3 [4/30/11]

Successful launch.

Havok 4 (Alpha)

Last and final launch.

HAVOK is a 3-stage rocket by Doneyes.

The latest launch was Havok III on April 30,2011.

HOOVAT Rockets, the owner of the Havok Rockets.

The latest rocket was Havok IV in Alpha mode.

On 5/27/12, Doneyes resigned as a flight director, Sending Darwin12 a message saying he wasn't in a "rocket building mood" right now, and that he may very well, "Return to R.S.A in the future".

Darwin12 announced on 6/1/12 a legacy launch of the completed Havok-I, -II, and -III will take place.

Darwin12 also stated that the Havok Rocket Series was on Hiatus, not yet cancelled. However, it has been cancelled.

Doneyes has moved on to creating two popular roblox games not related to space.

This rocket program is no more due to doneyes resigning as Flight Director.