Epic me is epic
Cheeseheadfoamy is the former R.S.A Co-Owner, who personally knows Darwin12 (Now Itsfutur) and was one of the oldest R.S.A. members, having joined the group on day 9.

He resides on many internet services, including Roblox, Minecraft, Steam, Kongregate, and Youtube. His Youtube channel is now is mostly inactive with the leaving of Itsfutur from his channel. It is highly successful with 14 subscribers and 1500 (about) total channel views. All of his accounts reside under the name: Cheeseheadfoamy.

He is most known for his work on multiple other works in R.S.A., such as Titan, Roll,  and Starstreak. He oversaw the launch of the last Titan rocket, and helped make Roll a success.

He wass also an influential source on the R.S.A. BoD's, FD's, and Itsfutur himself. He has been accused of cheating his way into power more than once, although he denies any accusations of that happening. He tried to keep the peace with other groups and group members, and even if his methods were not always right his intentions were.

He has recently quit Roblox, due to his beliefs in how the admins ran the website. He has been quoted saying "It's just a game. no need to fight this much." He also requested that his profile was edited to accomadate his changes, and that he would be given the chance to state this message: "Thanks for the great times. Doing science, training astronauts, it's been a long ride. But it's been a good one. thank you. goodbye."