Ace poster

Ace was the rocket program used in RSA's early days as the launch pad was located at "Ride a rocket to the space shuttle and moon" game by Aerideyn, in which the Launch Center for Titan and Roll is Tests.

Ace was the rocket from Earth to the Unamed Space Station orbiting Earth. Ace is no longer used as RSA now used Tests as its' launch center and using new rockets such as Titan (retired) and Roll (retired in 2014).

However, a public model of Ace aka "legacy rocket" can be obtained from Aerideyn's models. It has the entire rocket and launch and rocket info buttons. It simply launches, seperates and stops in the middle of the air. The legacy rocket somehow dosent have the GUIs found in the center.

Ace is the first official rocket in RSA. Only 4 Ace missions occured.